Monday, September 25, 2006

Last Thursday after class, I met my speaking partner. While I was waiting for my speaking partner, I received information. My speaking partner is a man whose name is Ken Cousins. At that time, I was looking forward to meeting whom my speaking is? I wondered whether he is a good man or not.
I guessed many times about him. My ex-speaking partner was a woman whose name is Tiffany. She was so nice and kind to me, so I wanted her to be my speaking partner again. After a few minutes, he came there, however we didn’t talk for a long time because he was so busy. His major at UMCP is Government and Politics. He is older than me, but his first impression was so good. I would like to make a good relationship with him.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

In the September 20th, I saw First Look Fair in front of Holzafel. There were many student clubs. The one of clubs gave a pull to me. The club is Sky Diving club. I think it is so cool club. That club members meet four times a month at Nanticoke room of the Stamp Union. The skydiving may be divided into two classes: Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem jumps. Accelerated Free Fall is more for those who really want to learn all about sky diving. Tandem jumps are more of an introduction, but they do count towards your future training. If you only plan to jump off once, they recommend a tandem. If you might become a regular skydiver and pursue the sport, then try Accelerated Free Fall.
Unlike many other clubs, you don’t need membership. If you have skydiver license, just go and then join to them. However, if you don’t have license you should be training about safety education and skill of skydiving, and also that club price is cheaper than other skydiving clubs as much as 10%. The beginning of skydiving is from Andrews Air force Base. It takes about 2 hours from College Park and 1 hour from the Bay Bridge by car. The sky diving is so fascinating, although it is extreme. I guess if you’ll try skydiving. I’m sure you’ll find fascinating and entertaining factors. If I have a chance to skydive, I’ll try it.

Last weekend was pretty good for me. I and my friends went Todai at VA, and then we ate Shusi. One of my friends loves Shusi, and I love it, too. However we couldn’t frequently eat Shusi in the US because we don’t have enough money:ㅜ ㅜ we’re student. He said, ”I know Shusi buffet. I want to go there, there is very cheap.” he put me and another friend up to go there, so we go there. There was a nice place. The Shusi price was cheaper than another place as well as taste was not bad. I thought we are glad that we were there. If you wanna eat Shusi, I recommend there. I guess there is one of good Shusi places,

Friday, September 15, 2006

This semester is pretty good compared with last semester, because last semester our classroom was so far away. We had many problems, usually we were late to our next meet in class. But this semester our classrooms are only Holzapfal and Armory . I think there are pretty nice and my instructors are, too. I like this semester, Thus I really hope to learn many things from this class.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Lunch Time

We took a picture at front & inside of the Dairy.

During, lunch time, I went to dairy with Nina and a few classmate. It is near the Visitor Center of UMCP . That is a pretty nice. I ate a turkey salad and ice cream. Also, we made some conversation. I had a pretty good time.

Ice cream was really delicious.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Who I Am and Why I Am here

I’m Seung Gi Hong; that is my Korean name. My English name is James , my American friend gave it to me. The English meaning of my name is Sun of Thunder. My family are my mother, and a younger brother. I graduated high-school from Korea., specialty is Judo, many Korean call this U-Do. I’m also a good conversationalist. I want to and I finished my army service. In my country, I was weight-training trainer so bodybuilding is one of interests. My improve my English skill, and then I’ll reach my goal, which is to be a Fire-Fighter.
The University of Maryland buildings are so beautiful and CRS(Campus Recreation Service) is too. So I like here.

Friday, September 08, 2006

starting MEI fall semester

Today I met new classmates.It was nice.
My instructor is Nina T. Liakos. I think she's a really good teacher. I really hope to learn many things from her as well as establishing good teacher and student relationship with her. Since my class starts on the following Monday, I should study harder for English. However, it may not be easy since I know that I'm lazy. But I said to myself that I would try harder.